2024 Ford Bronco Raptor Gets Upgraded Color Options and Everglades Trim Returns

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In the upcoming 2024 model year for the Ford Bronco, enthusiasts can expect a range of updates that add to the vehicle’s appeal without straying too far from its established formula. Despite being in its fourth year of production, Ford has opted for relatively understated modifications, focusing on introducing exciting new elements and making subtle refinements across the lineup.

The spotlight for this year is primarily on the Bronco Raptor, which receives a notable enhancement in the form of an expanded color palette. One of the standout additions is the Code Orange package, which infuses vibrant accents both inside and outside the vehicle. Notably, the exterior showcases distinctive orange, gray, and black graphics adorning the fenders, doors, and hard top. This energetic theme extends to the beadlock rings and tow hooks, receiving a lively splash of orange. The interior doesn’t escape the transformation either, with the seatbelts getting the same vivid treatment. For those seeking alternative color choices, Ford has included the eye-catching Velocity Blue and the unique Shelter Green, a deep metallic olive hue. Additionally, all Bronco Raptors will now have the option of body-color fender flares, adding a touch of customization to the rugged aesthetic.

The standard Bronco variants also receive their fair share of enhancements. The Everglades trim, known for its off-road prowess and accompanying accessories, makes a triumphant return this year. As part of a broader technological upgrade, all Bronco models, including the Raptor, are now equipped with a spacious 12-inch infotainment system as a standard feature. The Badlands trim level benefits from an upgrade too, as the modular steel bumper becomes a standard inclusion. Ford Performance steps into the mix by offering Method Race wheels as official accessories. These high-quality wheels come in a 17×8.5-inch specification, available in a variety of finishes including gray, black, bronze, and white. Enthusiasts looking to upgrade their wheels can do so for a price of $1,820 for a set of four, with immediate availability.

While the precise pricing details for the 2024 Ford Bronco and its new packages and features are yet to be unveiled, the anticipation is high as order banks for the upcoming model year are scheduled to open on August 16. This means that prospective buyers can start placing their orders through local Ford dealers. With the promise of fresh color options, enhanced trims, and technological upgrades, the 2024 Ford Bronco appears poised to maintain its position as a highly sought-after and capable SUV in the market.


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