Fisker Adding Tesla NACS EV Charging Connector by 2025

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Electric vehicle startup Fisker has announced a strategic partnership with Tesla to incorporate Tesla’s North American Charging Standard (NACS) into its upcoming EV models. This collaboration will grant Fisker’s customers access to Tesla’s renowned Supercharger network by the year 2025.

Several prominent automakers, such as Ford Motor and General Motors, are veering away from the widely used Combined Charging System (CCS) connector in favor of Tesla’s proprietary charging design. This shift is expected to establish Tesla’s charging infrastructure as the prevailing force within the industry.

Fisker has laid out its plan to equip all vehicles produced from 2025 onward with the NACS charging port. For existing Fisker owners and other customers, an adapter will be made available, enabling them to tap into Tesla’s extensive network of over 12,000 public fast chargers across the United States and Canada. Additionally, Fisker will continue to offer an adapter for the CCS connector, ensuring that customers who wish to stick with this technology can do so seamlessly.

Tesla’s recent collaborations mark a significant advancement in supplanting the rival CCS standard, which previously held exclusive endorsement from President Joe Biden’s administration. Notably, the government has committed a substantial $7.5 billion in funding to expedite the rollout of electric vehicle chargers throughout the United States.

While many automakers have hesitated to invest in large-scale charging networks due to the considerable financial commitment and relatively modest returns, Fisker’s partnership with Tesla underscores a broader industry trend toward adopting and leveraging established charging infrastructures to accelerate the widespread adoption of electric vehicles. This move is expected to foster a more accessible and robust charging ecosystem, contributing to the overall growth of the EV market.


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