Lamborghini Lanzador Concept Previews Supercar Brand’s First EV

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The Lamborghini Lanzador Concept emerges as a pivotal step in the brand’s venture into the world of electric vehicles, a journey it confirmed two years prior. This prototype offers an initial glimpse into Lamborghini’s forthcoming electric car, positioned to join the lineup alongside established models like the Urus, Revuelto, and the upcoming successor to the Huracán.

Distinctively Lamborghini in design, the Lanzador exhibits the signature wedge-shaped profile extending seamlessly from front to back. Recognizable traits such as the prominent fenders, narrow headlights, and hexagonal taillights evoke a sense of familiarity found in the Urus and Revuelto.

Boasting an elevated ride height and accommodating a 2+2 seating configuration, Lamborghini labels it an “Ultra GT,” a term that parallels Aston Martin’s “super tourer” label for its DB12. Although featuring two doors – or three if counting the rear hatchback – the Lanzador retains its sporty essence. Notably, the incorporation of 23-inch hexagonal wheels, an homage to classic Lambo phone-dial wheels, sets a captivating tone. Just above these wheels, concealed wheel well air vents contribute to a comprehensive selection of active aerodynamic components, allowing seamless adjustments between drag reduction for efficiency and increased downforce for performance optimization.

Stepping into the interior, the “Ultra GT” ethos continues, with two sets of aggressively styled sport seats inviting the driver and passengers to immerse themselves in the Lamborghini experience. The dashboard flaunts dual cowls housing screens tailored for both driver and co-passenger. A central control cluster, reminiscent of an extraterrestrial craft’s interface, commands infotainment functions. Amidst these controls, the quintessential Lamborghini starter button – now amusingly redundant, given the car’s electric nature – remains, preserving a touch of tradition. Lamborghini underscores the use of sustainable materials within the cabin, including wool upholstery, eco-friendly leather, and repurposed carbon fiber layered for visual appeal. With room for four occupants, the capacious rear cargo area offers versatility through foldable rear seats and a hatch, supplemented by an additional front trunk.

Underneath the sleek exterior, the Lanzador’s mechanical details are somewhat elusive. Lamborghini divulges that this concept incorporates dual electric motors for an all-wheel-drive system, producing a staggering output surpassing 1,300 horsepower, equating to over 1 megawatt according to Lamborghini’s specifications. The rear powertrain employs torque vectoring and rear steering for enhanced control, all riding atop an adaptable air suspension. While crucial details such as electric range and charging capabilities remain undisclosed, the Lanzador serves as a preview of Lamborghini’s debut production electric vehicle. With an anticipated production commencement in 2028, enthusiasts must await the final iteration. In the interim, Lamborghini transitions towards electrification, aiming for all its models to adopt some form of electrification, primarily hybridization, by the conclusion of the upcoming year.


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