Ford Introduces Limited 2024 F-150 Lightning Platinum Black Edition

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Ford is set to make a bold statement in the automotive world with the introduction of the 2024 F-150 Lightning Black, an exclusive offering that combines cutting-edge design with premium features. This limited edition truck marks Ford’s venture into the realm of matte black wraps for production vehicles, adding a touch of sophistication and uniqueness to their iconic F-150 series.

The 2024 F-150 Lightning Black isn’t just an ordinary truck; it’s a blackout package that redefines luxury and style. This package encompasses not only the striking matte black wrap but also incorporates darkened trim elements and interior accents that perfectly complement the overall aesthetic. Limited to just 2,000 units for the 2024 model year, this exclusive offering is poised to attract those seeking a distinctive and exclusive driving experience.

Built upon the solid foundation of the Platinum model, the 2024 F-150 Lightning Black boasts Ford’s advanced extended-range battery technology, providing an impressive estimated range of 300 miles on a single charge. This electrified powerhouse is designed to offer a thrilling and eco-conscious driving experience, ensuring that performance is not compromised for style.

Exterior enhancements are a key highlight of the Black package. It features striking 22-inch matte black wheels paired with matching lug nuts, creating a captivating visual contrast. The blacked-out Ford badges, running boards, and tonneau cover further contribute to the truck’s bold and stealthy appearance. A smoked light bar and a reflective black-on-black “Lightning” badge add to the sense of mystery and allure. The Agate Black gloss roof seamlessly blends with the windshield glass, accentuating the matte black wrap’s dramatic effect.

Inside the cabin, the 2024 F-150 Lightning Black exudes luxury and exclusivity. It features sumptuous black leather seats that not only provide comfort but also showcase attention to detail. The interior is adorned with “Lightning” interior glass roof decals, adding a touch of sophistication to the ambiance. Aluminum plates in the frunk and on the driver’s door jamb feature limited-edition numbering, emphasizing the exclusivity of this vehicle.

While the 2023 F-150 Lightning Platinum started at $93,990 after destination charges, the 2024 F-150 Lightning Black, with its premium package, commands a price of $99,990. This represents a $6,000 premium for the distinctive appearance package. Some might view this as a significant investment, but for those who appreciate the artistry of design and the allure of a truly unique vehicle, the price is a secondary consideration.

In a world where aesthetics often go hand in hand with individuality, the 2024 F-150 Lightning Black is poised to become an icon in its own right. It pushes the boundaries of what a production truck can be, not just in terms of performance and technology but also in terms of style and exclusivity. Ford’s foray into matte black wraps on production vehicles is a bold move that demonstrates their commitment to innovation and design, making the 2024 F-150 Lightning Black a vehicle that will undoubtedly turn heads and leave a lasting impression.


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