Fisker Reveals Details on Affordable PEAR EV Crossover

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Fisker, the renowned electric vehicle manufacturer, has unveiled exciting details about its upcoming affordable electric crossover, known as the “PEAR.” This revelation took place during Fisker’s recent “Product Vision Day,” where they showcased their ambitious vision for the future of electric mobility. The PEAR is positioned as a budget-friendly alternative to electric vehicles such as the Chevy Bolt and Nissan Leaf, aiming to capture the market with a competitive sub-$30,000 price point.

The PEAR, though not yet ready for the market, has generated significant interest with its unique features and innovative design elements. One notable aspect of the PEAR is its compact size, measuring approximately 15 feet in length (4550mm). It will be available in both five- and six-seater configurations, adding to its versatility and utility.

A standout feature of the PEAR is its “Houdini trunk,” an ingenious solution to parking in tight spaces or areas with low ceilings. Unlike conventional hatchbacks that swing upwards, the rear glass section of the PEAR’s trunk opens downward into the rear load floor, making it easier to access the cargo area.

Fisker is also exploring the possibility of outfitting the PEAR with exterior camera mirrors, though this is subject to regulatory approval. These innovative mirrors could enhance safety and aerodynamics.

The “froot,” a play on the term “frunk,” is another intriguing addition to the PEAR. It refers to a sealed front storage compartment designed to isolate items like sweaty workout gear or pungent leftovers from the cabin. Fisker even plans to offer an insulated option for storing temperature-sensitive items, which could be particularly appealing to gig drivers.

The interior of the PEAR is designed for durability, with a focus on minimizing fragile moving parts. This design not only benefits families and ride-share drivers but also simplifies manufacturing by reducing the need for expensive physical controls.

For added comfort and flexibility, the PEAR will feature a “Lounge Mode” that allows all seats to fold flat, creating a spacious area for relaxation or even sleeping. Additionally, a rotating 17-inch screen provides entertainment options while passengers are in this reclined position. In the six-seater configuration, the single front passenger seat and center console are replaced by a generous two-seat bench.

Fisker is also making strides in terms of electric range. The initial target was set at 310 miles on the EPA test cycle, but they have now increased this to an impressive 320 miles on the high end. Furthermore, Fisker aims to offer a city-oriented battery pack that comes standard with the PEAR’s base model, delivering a range of 180 miles on a single charge, making it suitable for urban commuting.

Fisker’s PEAR electric crossover is shaping up to be a promising addition to the affordable EV market. With its innovative features, practical design elements, and competitive pricing, it could become a compelling choice for environmentally conscious consumers and urban dwellers seeking a versatile and eco-friendly mode of transportation.


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