Updated Tesla Model 3 Shows Up in Certain Markets

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Tesla has unveiled an updated version of its immensely popular Model 3 for certain regions, generating excitement among electric vehicle enthusiasts worldwide. This refresh comes after six years of the Model 3’s initial release and the sale of two million units globally. With this update, Tesla aims to breathe new life into its Model 3, offering improved aesthetics, increased range, and upgraded features. The result is a vehicle that is poised to become one of the most highly anticipated electric cars of the year.

We should have word on the North American/U.S. version very soon, so stay tuned. For now, what we know and have disclosed below is from markets outside of North America, which should be very similar to what we will get on our side of the pond in the U.S.

Internally referred to as Project Highland, the refreshed Model 3 boasts several noticeable changes. Fundamentally, it gets a revamped front and rear end where the cabin looks to retain its overall structure. Tesla engineers have also paid attention to enhancing aerodynamics to boost the vehicle’s range while reducing drag and wind noise. These updates are currently available for the European rear-wheel-drive and long-range (LR) versions of the Model 3.

The updated Model 3 looks to have grown slightly, with an additional inch in length, now measuring 185.8 inches (4,720 millimeters), while its height has decreased by a tenth of an inch to 56.7 inches (1,441 mm).

One of the most significant improvements is in the vehicle’s range. The updated rear-wheel-drive Model 3 with 18-inch wheels is estimated to have a range of 344 miles (554 kilometers) on the WLTP cycle (Worldwide Harmonised Light Vehicle Test Procedure), while the LR variant offers an impressive 421 miles (678 km). This marks an increase of approximately 11 to 12 percent compared to the previous models’ WLTP range of 305 and 374 miles, respectively. It’s worth noting that EPA figures for the US version of the Model 3 may differ significantly.

The Model 3 offers various wheel options, with the RWD Model 3 on 19-inch “Nova” wheels delivering 319 miles (513 km) of range on the WLTP cycle, while the LR version is rated for 391 miles (629 km). Performance figures remain consistent, with the RWD model accelerating from 0 to 62 miles per hour in 6.1 seconds and the LR all-wheel-drive variant achieving it in 4.4 seconds.

Inside the Model 3, the cabin has been revamped slightly for a lounge-like atmosphere. It features a wraparound design with an “enveloping architecture” incorporating aluminum and fabric materials. The entire cabin is bathed in ambient lighting, contributing to a soothing and modern interior ambiance. Tesla claims that the cabin is quieter thanks to the inclusion of acoustic glass and improved soundproofing materials.

The infotainment system has also received updates. The 15.4-inch central screen maintains its size but now features slimmer bezels, providing more usable screen space. Additionally, there’s a new 8.0-inch rear display that integrates climate, ventilation, and infotainment controls. Tesla has replaced the column-mounted levers with steering-mounted controls, aligning the Model 3 with the design of the Model S and Model X.

For audiophiles, the LR model now boasts a premium audio experience with 17 speakers, three more than the previous version, including two subwoofers and two amplifiers. The RWD version still offers a respectable audio setup with nine speakers, one subwoofer, and one amplifier. Tesla has also upgraded the microphone to improve call quality.

The updated Model 3 is set to start deliveries in late October in Europe and the Middle East, with expectations that details about the North American model and its availability will be announced soon. Reports suggest that production of the refreshed Model 3 is already underway at Gigafactory Shanghai, Tesla’s largest production facility for electric vehicles and a global export hub. The North American version is likely to be manufactured at Tesla’s Fremont facility in California and to be officially announced very soon.


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