It’s Real: Lexus Tests Future V8 Halo Car Around Motegi Circuit

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Lexus looks to have been testing a new V8 halo car at the Motegi Circuit in Japan recently. This vehicle, based on the upcoming GR GT3 race car, is set to make its mark in the World Endurance Championship (WEC) in 2026, a prospect that has captured the attention of enthusiasts and car aficionados.

Several YouTube videos from automotive channels such as Rich with Cars and Aries have provided a sneak peek into this GR GT3-based Lexus, often referred to as the LF-R. What’s immediately striking about this car is not just its impressive performance but the soul-stirring symphony it produces. The audio accompanying these visuals is nothing short of remarkable, featuring a V8 engine note that resonates with an almost mythical quality. It’s a captivating blend of deep growls and thunderous roars, underscored by a subtle but unmistakable hint of the distinctive whine associated with high-performance racing cars.

Lexus has a solid reputation for producing great-sounding V8 engines, notably showcased in models like the LC 500 and IS 500. However, the V8 in this video takes the auditory experience to an entirely different level. It’s a tantalizing preview of what could be a remarkable addition to the Lexus lineup.

As for the official name of this new Lexus, the automotive community has been buzzing with speculation, and the LF-R moniker has been making rounds on the internet. Toyota WEC team director Rob Leupen has offered some insights into the car’s nature, describing it as a “motorsport-bred car on the road.” While this is intriguing, it leaves much to the imagination. Leupen has also confirmed that, for now, it will bear the Lexus badge.

Interestingly, the rumors from last year suggesting a successor to the legendary LFA, often referred to as “LFA2,” have resurfaced. These rumors indicate that the LFA2 will be based on the GR GT3 race car and could pack supercar-level performance. Speculations even go as far as to suggest that this supposed LFA2 might be equipped with a 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8 engine featuring hybrid assistance, delivering an astonishing 700 horsepower or more. The visual cues seen in the video align with these rumors, with the car exhibiting a turbocharged V8, a sleek and low-slung profile reminiscent of the LFA, and an imposing fixed wing.

As for when we can expect to see this extraordinary creation on the market, it appears that the production timeline will coincide with the GT3 car’s debut in 2026, according to Rob Leupen’s statement. He has indicated that the race car’s unveiling is “in alignment with the road car side.” While this means that we have a few more years of anticipation ahead of us, the promise of finally witnessing and experiencing this glorious-sounding V8 on the road is undoubtedly worth the wait.


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