Ford Introduces a ‘Tech-Forward’ 2024 F-150 Lightning Flash Model with 320 Mile Range

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Ford has unveiled its latest addition to the electric vehicle lineup with the introduction of the 2024 F-150 Lightning Flash model. This announcement comes as Ford continues to scale up production for the highly sought-after Lightning electric truck, which still has a substantial number of backorders. For potential buyers, this new trim level could be an enticing option that might make them rethink their previous orders.

The Lightning Flash is strategically positioned between the existing Lariat and XLT trims, offering a unique blend of features that are not available on either of the other two trims. Ford describes it as the “sweet spot” within the Lightning range. Among the standout features of this model is the inclusion of the 1.2 version of Ford’s BlueCruise hands-free highway driving assistance system. This advanced driving technology enhances convenience and safety during long journeys. The Lightning Flash also boasts an impressive 320 miles of EPA-rated range, thanks to its “extended range” battery, providing drivers with the confidence to tackle longer trips without constant recharging. Additionally, the truck comes equipped with a generous 15.5-inch touchscreen display, surpassing the 12-inch unit found in the XLT. For those interested in BlueCruise, they have the option to subscribe monthly or annually when purchasing the vehicle, or they can test it out for free for a 90-day trial period.

Marin Gjaja, the Chief Operating Officer of Ford’s electric Model e division, expressed how the F-150 Lightning Flash was born out of customer feedback and insights. He noted, “This truck combines many of the technology-forward features our customers love in our EV lineup, at a more accessible price point.” This highlights Ford’s commitment to meeting the evolving demands of its customer base and offering a more affordable option for tech-savvy consumers.

One notable aspect of the F-150 Lightning Flash is its pricing. The starting price for this model is set at $69,995, a figure that includes the $7,500 EV tax credit. This pricing places it in line with what was previously the cost of the Lariat model, which has now been repositioned at a higher starting price of $77,495 for the extended-range variant. Ford’s pricing strategy appears to reflect the value proposition and advanced technology offered by the Lightning Flash.

One intriguing feature that sets the Lightning Flash apart is the inclusion of a standard heat pump system, which has not been available on the F-150 Lightning until now. Heat pump systems are recognized for their efficiency compared to conventional resistive heating systems. This increased efficiency translates into more miles traveled on a single charge, as less energy is consumed for heating purposes.

Orders for the 2024 Ford F-150 Lightning Flash open in early 2024.


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