How Many Shelby GT500 Cars Were Manufactured Over the Years?

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The Shelby GT500 is the most powerful car ever made by Ford. The latest versions can produce 760 horsepower and go from 0 to 60 mph in 3.3 seconds, reaching a top speed of 180 mph. But how many Shelby GT500 were made?

The Mustang is a machine of extraordinary force that’s built a cult status over the years, with the Shelby being one of its most prominent versions. It contributed to the high demand and interest in the car.

So, the article will delve into the history behind the production of this car and the different eras it embarked on.

How Many Shelby GT500 Were Made?

Ford has announced that as of 2022, it will stop producing the Shelby GT500, marking the end of this iconic vehicle’s era. 

Without a doubt, its legacy will live forever, and with the production halting numerous times in history, the mystique surrounding this beast has only grown together with the demand.

The production of the Shelby GT500 has had several pauses throughout history, with a new generation of vehicles emerging after each stop. The many fans of this beast should not worry, as history has taught us that it always returns better than before.

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First generation

In 1967, the GT500 was added to the Shelby lineup to offer a high-performance option along with the more regular models. It became an instant hit with car enthusiasts as it featured a V8 engine that possessed the might to deliver thrilling speed and power.

The first generation era lasted from 1967 to 1970. A period during which the Shelby GT500 set the grounds for the prestige and legacy it upholds today.

The King of the Road variant of the GT500 had an even more enhanced performance. It was introduced in 1968 with a mightier 428 Cobra Jet V8 engine and a unique 16-bolt exhaust flange that produced a distinct sound that added to the experience.

During this time, Ford produced around 7,000 units, selling around 2,000 units per year for the duration of production. 

So, how many 1967 Shelby GT500 were made? The answer is 2,048 units, including fastback and convertible models.

How many 1967 Shelby GT500 are left today?

Over the years, not all of the original first generation have endured, and their numbers have decreased for various reasons. The exact number is impossible to tell, but estimates are that there are below 1,500 remaining units.

The surviving cars are valuable collectors’ items that are extremely difficult to acquire because of the limited supply and high price.

The halt in production

In the early 1970s, the United States introduced tougher regulations on emissions as part of efforts to reduce air pollution. 

There was an ongoing fuel crisis due to the geopolitical situation in the Middle East. It prompted the US government to further regulate the production of sports cars, affecting models like the Shelby GT500.

Because of these reasons, the demand on the market increased for more economical cars to the detriment of large, high-performance vehicles. The first production hiatus lasted until 2007, when the second generation was introduced.

Second generation

Following a growing demand for reviving the Shelby GT500 legacy, Ford and Shelby American aimed to capitalize on the enduring historical significance of the vehicle. This was a very anticipated car with much higher production rates, and the generation lasted from 2007 to 2009.

Ford planned on releasing 8,000 units for five consecutive years. Yet, in the end, it had different production numbers and a shorter second generation that amounted to only three years.

This release of the Shelby GT500 had a powerful, 5.4-liter supercharged V8 engine that produced between 500 and 540 hp, depending on the year. It was one of the most powerful vehicles of its time, with the capacity for awe-inspiring acceleration and reaching top speeds with considerable comfort.

Compared to its predecessor from the 60s, this era’s Shelby GT500 had a more modern design while preserving the essential details that made the car recognizable.

The halt in production

Unlike the first stop, Ford took a strategic pause in this instance with plans to return with even better designs and performance. 

These types of breaks are more common in the industry, giving manufacturers time to improve the vehicle in different ways to meet the ever-evolving market demand and follow innovation.

Third generation

The third generation of the Shelby GT500 was released in 2013 as an upgrade to the last release. Its higher capacity supercharged V8 engine could produce up to 662 hp and 631 lb-ft of torque. 

Even before its release, the promise of accelerating from 0 to 60 mph in 3.5 seconds caused a buzz among Shelby fans, who waited on the release with great enthusiasm and high expectations.

Approximately 9,832 units were made during the relatively short production time that spanned from 2011 to 2012. 

Like the previous generations, it also had limited edition models like the GT500 Super Snake and GT500 Convertible that offered a unique driving experience.

The halt in production

The third generation followed a strategic plan for production, intending to sell a specific number of cars. 

The two model cars, the 2011 and the 2012 Shelby GT500, sold out before Ford made way for its release of the sixth-generation Mustang the following year.

Fourth generation

The latest version of the Shelby GT500 was released in 2020, returning with a smaller engine that could produce significantly more power. It has a 5.2-liter V8 engine and is one of the most powerful cars ever made.

The design maintained its signature aggression with significant adjustments to improve the car’s aerodynamics and style. This version received rave reviews for improvements to the transmission and suspension system.

Approximately 9,000 units were produced during this period, with around 1,000 of them made with the carbon fiber track package, the most exclusive and expensive option.

The halt in production

The production was stopped in 2022, with no indications of a new generation in 2023 or 2024. The upcoming launch of the S650 Mustang and the global crisis related to the chip shortage and pandemic may have shortened the production period of the newest Shelby GT500.

The year 2026 is mentioned as a possibility for the release of a new and improved car.


The production numbers of the Shelby GT500 have gone up and down as a reflection of the circumstances in the auto industry and the economy in general. 

So, how many Shelby GT500 were made? From its beginnings in 1967 to this day, the total number of Shelby GT500 made is around 54,000 units spread across four different generations.

We can’t know for sure how many Shelby Mustang GT500 are there remaining. Still, there are estimates about how many remain from the initial generation as they represent valuable collector’s items that cost a lot of money.


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