2024 Genesis G70 Base Model Gets Added Performance with 300-HP 4-Cylinder

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For 2024, the base model of the Genesis G70 is undergoing a slight transformation, despite retaining its familiar appearance. The notable upgrade comes in the form of a more potent powerplant, replacing the previous 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine with a 2.5-liter unit that had its debut in the 2022 Kia Stinger. This enhancement, coupled with several other standard improvements, promises to make the 2024 Genesis G70 in the 4-cylinder trim, already an outstanding sports sedan, even more impressive.

The heart of this upgrade lies in the 2.5-liter engine, which now churns out a robust 300 horsepower and 311 pound-feet of torque. This represents a substantial boost of 48 horsepower and 51 pound-feet compared to its predecessor. Beyond the numbers, our experience with the 2.5-liter engine in the Stinger reveals that the improvements go beyond peak performance figures. The engine delivers power more consistently across the rev range, even when operating outside the turbo boost, and when the turbocharger does kick in, it does so with increased smoothness and immediacy. Moreover, all four-cylinder G70s now come equipped with Brembo brakes as standard, ensuring improved stopping power. This, combined with the car’s naturally lighter front end compared to its V6 counterpart and enhanced fuel efficiency, positions the four-cylinder G70 as a highly appealing option that extends beyond its competitive pricing.

The 2024 Genesis G70 boasts a few additional updates. While the exterior design remains largely unchanged, a fresh set of exterior color options, such as the striking blue seen on the showcased car, adds a touch of novelty. Inside the cabin, the vehicle introduces new two-tone leather choices and incorporates modern amenities, such as USB-C charging ports and touch-sensitive climate controls. The inclusion of a frameless rearview mirror further enhances the cabin’s sophistication. Safety also receives a boost with standard side-impact airbags for the rear seats, reinforcing the car’s commitment to passenger protection. For tech enthusiasts, the G70 now offers the digital phone key, a feature that is progressively becoming more accessible across Hyundai group models.

As for pricing and availability, details remain undisclosed at this point. However, it is anticipated that the four-cylinder models may see a slight price increase due to the upgraded engine and brakes. In contrast, the V6 models are expected to undergo fewer alterations and are likely to maintain their price points. Genesis is set to announce the launch date and pricing information for these new models later this year, building anticipation among auto enthusiasts eager to experience the enhanced 2024 Genesis G70.


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