Tesla Could Have Model 3 Ludicrous Model to Replace Performance Trim

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New leaked details have recently emerged about a potential upgrade to the Tesla Model 3 Performance. This revelation comes shortly after the unveiling of the refreshed Model 3, internally referred to as “Project Highland.” The source of this information is a parts catalog for the Model 3 Performance, brought to light by an X (Twitter) user known as The Kilowatts. What has piqued the interest of many is the possibility that this high-performance sedan could bear the name “Ludicrous.”

Initially, it was thought that the catalog hinted at a Model 3 Plaid, a name that has been associated with Tesla’s high-performance offerings. However, upon closer examination of the badge pattern, it appears that “Ludicrous” might be the more likely choice. The inspiration for this name comes from the 1987 film “Spaceballs,” a movie known to be appreciated by Tesla’s CEO, Elon Musk. In “Spaceballs,” the spaceship goes to “Ludicrous Speed,” serving as the inspiration for the high-performance “Ludicrous” mode featured in previous Tesla models, including the Model S Plaid. The choice of name was a nod to the film, where “Ludicrous Speed” was portrayed as the only speed faster than “Ludicrous.”

This suggests that the upgraded Model 3 Performance could potentially be rebranded as the “Model 3 Ludicrous,” particularly given Musk’s previous statement that a “Model 3 Plaid” wouldn’t make sense. Beyond the naming speculation, the parts catalog provides insights into other changes expected in the Model 3 Performance.

The catalog reveals new wheel designs, sport brakes, and a sport suspension setup. Among the new wheel options is a 20-inch design called “Warp,” but there are also additional 19-inch alternatives. Leaked images from China indicate the presence of a carbon fiber spoiler on the new Model 3 Performance. These special brakes and suspension components will be essential to handle the increased power that sets the Model 3 Performance apart from its counterparts.

While the specifics of the new electric motor and performance enhancements are yet to be officially confirmed, there is speculation that a carbon sleeve rotor could contribute to even better performance. To put this into perspective, the pre-facelift Model 3 Performance already boasts impressive capabilities, including a 3.1-second 0-60 mph sprint. The promise of improved performance could potentially push the Model 3 into true supercar territory, especially when combined with the anticipated benefits of the Highland range’s lighter weight and enhanced aerodynamics.

As for the release date of the new Model 3 Performance or Model 3 Ludicrous, it’s contingent on Tesla’s official confirmation. However, there are already reports of customers in Germany claiming that their Model 3 Highland Performance orders have been postponed to as late as June next year, suggesting that this exciting upgrade may be on the horizon.


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