Toyota Unveils All-Electric EPU Concept Small Truck, Could Take on Ford Maverick

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Toyota has taken a new ‘down-sized’ step in the electric vehicle market with the unveiling of their latest concept, the EPU, an all-electric midsize pickup truck. This announcement comes alongside Toyota’s reveal of the Land Cruiser Se Concept, indicating the company’s commitment to electrifying its lineup. The EPU is seen as a potential contender to challenge the dominance of the Ford Maverick in the midsize pickup truck segment.

While the EPU is currently in the concept phase, Toyota has dropped enough hints to suggest that it represents the brand’s next-generation battery-powered trucks. Although specific technical details are still under wraps, the company’s teaser provides an intriguing glimpse of where the EPU might fit in the truck market.

One of the standout features of the EPU is its compact size, which sets it apart from traditional midsize pickups. Measuring just 199.6 inches in length, 75.2 inches in width, and 67.3 inches in height, as well as having a 120-inch wheelbase, it falls short of the dimensions of the Toyota Tacoma. However, these dimensions closely align with the Ford Maverick and Hyundai Santa Cruz, making the EPU a potential rival in the compact truck segment. Despite its smaller size, the EPU is designed to cater to a different audience, emphasizing a lifestyle orientation rather than heavy-duty hauling. This perspective is reflected in the vehicle’s press release imagery.

Toyota has showcased its innovative design approach with features like a folding tailgate that can extend the relatively short bed, offering more flexibility for users. The monocoque body design is touted to provide a versatile deck space that accommodates a wide range of applications. The interior of the EPU features a minimalist design with a dual-screen setup and a yoke-style steering wheel reminiscent of the Lexus RZ. Ample storage points contribute to the practicality of the cabin.

Toyota also hints at a unique feature connecting the rear of the cabin to the bed, allowing for customization based on user preferences and outdoor activities. The monocoque design is claimed to provide a low center of gravity, promoting superior handling stability and ride comfort, a promising prospect for future owners. However, these claims will need to be put to the test when the EPU transitions from concept to production.

Rumors of Toyota developing a competitor for the Ford Maverick have circulated for some time, and the EPU concept offers a first look at the company’s approach to this market segment. More information about the EPU, including powertrain and battery details, is expected to be unveiled when the concept makes its debut at the 2023 Japan Mobility Show. Toyota’s venture into the electric midsize pickup truck market is a significant development, and the EPU concept promises to be a compelling player in this rapidly evolving automotive landscape.


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