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Toyota FT-Se Concept Gives Us MR2 Vibes at Japan Mobility Show

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Toyota is teasing the automotive enthusiast community with their evolution of a zero-emission performance marvel that has taken center stage at the Japan Mobility Show, aptly named the FT-Se. This two-seater beauty proudly dons the Gazoo Racing branding and exudes the spirit of a mid-engine sports car giving us MR2 vibes.

With a coat of striking orange paint and a contrasting black roof, the FT-Se retains its predecessor’s eye-catching aesthetic, but it has undergone some significant design alterations. Notable changes include the incorporation of sizable air intakes, door mirrors, and handles. It may not be entirely accurate to label this as a near-production version of the original concept, considering that Toyota has opted to keep technical specifications for the FT-Se under wraps. While the prior concept featured a removable targa top, the FT-Se appears to have transformed into a coupe, boasting a fixed roof adorned with two distinct glass sections.

What’s intriguing is the sight of the concept on a racetrack in some of the accompanying images, complete with an imposing fixed wing. This suggests that Toyota envisions the FT-Se in a track-focused iteration as well. With or without the aerodynamic elements, the FT-Se is undeniably a sight to behold. The ducktail spoiler now carries the GR emblem, signaling its sporting pedigree, rather than the traditional automaker’s badge. Enhanced light strips at both the front and rear endow it with an impression of greater width and road presence.

The departure from the norm doesn’t stop at the exterior; the cabin of the FT-Se presents a striking departure from Toyota’s GR86 and Supra models. It ushers in an all-new cockpit design that elegantly discards conventional switchgear. The centerpiece is a yoke-like steering wheel, flanked by a pair of smartphone-inspired touchscreens that serve as the command center for all vehicle functions. Above the steering wheel, a wide, flat digital instrument cluster is perched on the dashboard’s upper part, delivering a futuristic and minimalist driving experience.

Regrettably, Toyota has chosen to remain tight-lipped about concrete details concerning the FT-Se. Enthusiasts can only hope that this striking concept will eventually make its way to production. Should it do so, it would serve as a captivating revival of the MR2 legacy in the electric era. Nevertheless, it would be wise not to set our hopes too high just yet, given the uncertain terrain of concept cars and their journey to production reality.


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