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Lexus LF-ZC & LF-ZL Concepts Preview EV Future of Luxury Brand

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Lexus is playing the catch-up game towards achieving its goal of electrifying its entire vehicle lineup by 2035. The luxury brand showcased its commitment to the electric future at the 2023 Japan Mobility Show by unveiling two concept vehicles: the LF-ZC and the LF-ZL. These groundbreaking concepts provide a glimpse into the forthcoming electric era for Lexus, with the LF-ZC expected to hit production lines by 2026, while the LF-ZL embodies the brand’s vision for its flagship electric vehicle, featuring their next-generation EV architecture.

During the event, Lexus emphasized the LF-ZC (short for Lexus Future Zero-emission Catalyst), offering a sneak peek into what the production model will entail without revealing intricate mechanical specifications. The vehicle incorporates DIRECT4 all-wheel drive technology, an innovation borrowed from the RZ, and aspires to double the driving range compared to many of today’s electric vehicles. This achievement is made possible through the utilization of next-generation prismatic batteries.

Lexus LF-ZC

The exterior design of the LF-ZC exudes a sense of elegance and minimalism. It boasts a low hood and cowl to enhance visibility, with generously sized wheels and a sleek, low-slung body that ensures a low center of gravity. This concept further showcases its forward-thinking approach by replacing traditional side mirrors with slim digital side cameras, contributing to the achievement of a remarkable drag coefficient of approximately 0.20.

The interior of the LF-ZC embraces a futuristic, digitalized approach. Passengers are seated low and in a forward position within the cabin. A yoke-style steering wheel is positioned in front of the driver, which operates through steer-by-wire technology. Most of the vehicle’s functions are controlled through digital pads, while passengers enjoy a large, dedicated digital display for entertainment and applications. The LF-ZC is equipped with the Arene OS system and an AI “Butler” that adapts to the driver’s preferences and needs, creating a personalized and intuitive driving experience.

Lexus LF-ZL

As for the LF-ZL, details remain limited, but it is evident that this vehicle is designed to offer an even more luxurious experience. Much of the advanced technology, including the Arene OS, carries over from the LF-ZC. Notably, the LF-ZL boasts an intriguing feature called “Interactive Reality in Motion,” which employs onboard sensors to create an immersive connection between the driver and their surroundings. An example of this technology allows drivers to point to objects or places of interest during their journey, with the car’s display delivering information and voice guidance promptly. This cutting-edge approach promises to redefine the way drivers interact with their environment.

Lexus LF-ZL

Lexus’s unveiling of these forward-looking concepts reaffirms its commitment to a fully electrified future and its dedication to merging luxury with innovative technology. The LF-ZC and LF-ZL stand as testament to the brand’s vision for the future, where electric mobility meets the pinnacle of luxury and innovation.


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