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Honda Prelude Concept Revealed in EV form at Japan Mobility Show

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Honda made a significant splash at the Japan Mobility Show with the surprise unveiling of the Honda Prelude Concept in its electric vehicle (EV) form. This sleek concept car has captured the attention of enthusiasts and automotive fans alike, leaving them eager to learn more.

Unfortunately, as of now, Honda has kept the details surrounding the Prelude Concept rather shrouded in mystery. The announcement about the Prelude came as a bit of a curveball during Honda’s presentation, and the company has been tight-lipped about the specifications, particularly regarding the powertrain. In fact, the reveal left us wanting for information, aside from the confirmation that it’s an electric vehicle designed to seamlessly blend electrification and driving pleasure, promising a thrilling Honda experience in the future.

Despite the lack of specifics, one thing is clear: the Honda Prelude Concept doesn’t quite resemble your typical concept car. Its design exudes a sense of readiness for production. The front end bears a striking resemblance to the Civic, albeit sans a conventional grille. The body lines are smooth and symmetrical, avoiding any overly angular or blocky features, and it sports eye-catching Brembo brakes peeking through the stylish 20-inch wheels. Notably, it retains conventional side mirrors, and a slender yet noticeable rear spoiler adds to its fastback charm. The only overtly “concept” aspect is the entirely blacked-out windows, leaving little to be seen inside.

Now, what everyone may be thinking is whether Honda intends to turn this concept into a production reality. While Honda remains guarded with details, CEO Toshihiro Mibe did offer some intriguing insights after the Prelude’s reveal. He emphasized the company’s commitment to future sports models, a commitment first mentioned in 2022, and suggested that this concept would serve as a “prelude” for the automaker’s forthcoming performance vehicles, emphasizing their unwavering dedication to the “joy of driving.” It’s worth noting that the use of “prelude” in this context is written in lowercase, signifying its role as a foundation for Honda’s future performance offerings, rather than the official name of this particular car.

Looking back at Honda’s automotive history, reviving the storied Prelude nameplate seems like a wise move. The original Prelude, introduced in 1978, was a groundbreaking model that brought sporty front-wheel-drive performance to the masses. It was known for being the first Honda to feature a moonroof, and over the years, it evolved into a well-regarded sports coupe. By the time it left the stage in 2001, it was boasting impressive outputs of up to 217 horsepower in Japan and 200 hp in the US.

In today’s automotive landscape, the question remains: is there a place for a new Prelude EV? Equipping it with a single motor for the front wheels, a reasonably-sized battery pack to keep weight in check, and an output in the ballpark of 300 horsepower could make this concept a thrilling and accessible sports coupe for the modern era. Enthusiasts and consumers alike are eager to see if Honda will make their wishes come true and bring the Prelude Concept to life.


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