Honda Announces Ridgeline Trailsport Trim for Increased Off-Road Performance & Tech

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Honda has announced updates for the 2024 Honda Ridgeline, including the introduction of the TrailSport trim and several key interior enhancements. The new Ridgeline Trailsport takes inspiration from the all-new Pilot TrailSport and the recently updated Passport TrailSport, offering a unique blend of off-road performance and technology.

One of the most significant changes in the Ridgeline Trailsport is its suspension system. It features unique spring rates, damper valve tuning, and stabilizer bars, specially designed to enhance its off-road capabilities. The vehicle is equipped with General Grabber A/T Sports tires, which provide excellent traction in various terrains. While the tires are different from the ones on the Pilot TrailSport, they are considered suitable for the last-generation platforms of the Passport and Ridgeline.

Visually, the Ridgeline Trailsport stands out with a distinctive grille insert, featuring a Pewter Gray finish, which is also applied to the special 18-inch wheels and lower fascia garnish. Additionally, the Trailsport model benefits from steel underbody protection for added durability. The exclusive Diffused Sky Blue paint, previously seen on the Pilot, adds a touch of uniqueness to the Ridgeline Trailsport, which has been well-received in previous iterations.

In terms of ground clearance, the Ridgeline Trailsport retains the same level as the already lifted Ridgeline. The vehicle continues to employ the torque-vectoring i-VTM4 all-wheel-drive system, renowned for its performance, which remains unchanged for TrailSport duty.

The introduction of the Ridgeline Trailsport is expected to be well-received among potential Ridgeline buyers, as it combines the practicality of a pickup with enhanced off-road capabilities. However, some may feel that Honda could have pushed the envelope a bit further given the Ridgeline’s nature as a pickup rather than a family SUV.

In addition to the Trailsport trim, the entire 2024 Ridgeline lineup receives some noteworthy updates. Notably, the “RIDGELINE” logo is now prominently stamped across the dual-action tailgate, giving it a more rugged and truck-like appearance. Honda has also addressed some owner complaints by making changes to the cabin. The previous Pilot-inspired center console and seat-mounted armrests have been replaced with a more conventional bin and cover, although it is somewhat smaller. Nevertheless, it can still accommodate a large tablet. Other center console storage areas have been expanded, with two cupholders capable of holding 32-ounce Nalgene bottles, and a phone-holding tray that can accommodate two phones side by side, with one atop a wireless charger. The addition of both USB-A and USB-C plugs offers more convenience to passengers.

The interior also receives a technology upgrade with a larger 9-inch touchscreen that promises faster performance compared to the previous infotainment system. This updated software is shared with the new Pilot, offering a more responsive and user-friendly experience. The new instrument cluster, featuring a 7-inch display for the tachometer and other information, along with an analog speedometer, adds to the modern and functional interior design.

The 2024 Honda Ridgeline is set to offer an exciting combination of off-road prowess and interior enhancements, making it an appealing choice for those seeking a versatile and capable pickup truck with a dash of adventure. Pricing for the new Honda Ridgeline Trailsport has not been announced yet but we expect the Trailsport trim to arrive at dealerships December 2023.


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