Honda Recalls 303,000 Accords and HR-Vs Over Seatbelt Issue

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Honda has initiated a recall affecting a total of 303,770 units of the Accord and HR-V, manufactured during the 2023 and 2024 model years. The recall, identified as number 23V-782 by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), centers around a seatbelt-related issue. Specifically, the affected vehicles may lack a crucial rivet that secures the front seatbelt pretensioner.

The recall encompasses Accord models produced between October 4, 2022, and October 14, 2023, and HR-V models manufactured from April 26, 2022, to October 14, 2023. According to Honda, the absent rivet is integral to the front seat belt pretensioners’ assembly, a component designed to enhance occupant protection in the event of an accident. The omission of this rivet raises concerns about the seatbelt’s functionality, potentially leading to suboptimal performance.

Although Honda has not provided a model-specific breakdown of the affected units, it estimates that around 1% of the recalled models may be impacted by the issue. Despite the omission of the rivet during assembly, Honda assures that there have been no reported injuries or fatalities associated with this problem.

In response to the recall, Honda plans to notify owners of the affected Accord and HR-V models by mail, starting on January 8, 2024. The automaker advises owners to visit an authorized dealer for a thorough inspection of the seatbelt pretensioners. If the rivet is found to be missing, the necessary replacement will be conducted to address the concern.

Importantly, Honda acknowledges the potential financial impact on owners who may have already incurred expenses to rectify the issue. As a solution, the automaker assures these owners that they will be eligible to claim a refund for the costs incurred. Given that the recall encompasses both new and nearly-new vehicles that are likely still under warranty, the financial burden on affected owners is expected to be alleviated.


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