Jeep Renegade Getting Axed in U.S. and Canada

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Jeep has announced that it will discontinue the Renegade subcompact model in the U.S. and Canada after the 2023 model year, according to Automotive News. The decision comes as a response to declining sales of the Renegade in the U.S., marking a trend that began in 2016. The Compass, with a starting price of $29,995, will now take over as Jeep’s entry-level vehicle in these markets.

Introduced to the U.S. market in 2015, the Renegade experienced its peak sales in 2016, reaching 106,606 units. However, sales steadily declined in subsequent years, hitting a low of 27,549 in 2022, with a further 35 percent decline reported through September of the current year.

Jeep attributes the discontinuation to a strategic shift in focus, with the brand reallocating resources towards the growing SUV segments in North America. The Renegade, which is manufactured in Italy on the same platform as the Fiat 500X, will still be available in other global markets such as Mexico, Europe, South America, and the Asia Pacific region, where it remains integral to Jeep’s business.

This move follows the departure of the Cherokee, which was produced at the Belvidere Assembly Plant in Illinois until its closure in February. The parent company, Stellantis, has agreed to reopen the facility for midsize pickup production starting in 2027, as outlined in its new UAW contract.

Looking ahead, Jeep plans to refresh its lineup with electric vehicle (EV) offerings. In 2024, the brand is set to introduce the Wagoneer S and the Wrangler-inspired Recon, marking the beginning of its foray into the EV market. The long-term strategy involves offering electrified variants across the entire North American lineup by 2025, aligning with the industry’s broader shift towards sustainable and eco-friendly mobility solutions.

Source: Automotive News (subscription required)


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