Land Rover Starts Testing First Electric Range Rover Ushering in New Era for JLR EVs

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Land Rover is ushering in a new era for Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) as it ventures into the electric vehicle (EV) realm with the testing of its first electric Range Rover. As part of the company’s transformation into a sub-brand within Jaguar-Land Rover, pre-production prototypes have begun testing, offering enthusiasts a glimpse into the forthcoming developments.

While the design details are still shrouded in secrecy, Land Rover has released preview images suggesting subtle distinctions in styling, such as “EV”-branded center caps on the wheels. Although significant design overhauls are not anticipated, there is speculation about potential adjustments to the front end for a smoother appearance.

The electric Range Rover, integrated into the fifth-generation lineup, is set to share the Modular Longitudinal Architecture with its gasoline-powered counterpart. While specific details about the powertrain are yet to be disclosed, Land Rover assures that the electric variant will deliver V8-like performance. Drawing comparisons to the powerful BMW-sourced 4.4-liter V8 in the current flagship model, the electric drivetrain aims to provide formidable capabilities, including rapid charging facilitated by an 800-volt electrical system.

Despite the shift to electric power, Land Rover is committed to preserving the renowned off-road prowess that has characterized the Range Rover since its inception in 1970. The electric version is expected to maintain its off-road capabilities, with the ability to traverse up to 33.4 inches of water. Notably, the company is emphasizing the development of the electric model as the quietest member of the lineup, employing a “unique active road noise cancellation configuration and sound design.”

Manufactured in Solihull, England, the official debut of the electric Range Rover is imminent in the coming months. Although the brand has initiated the process of accepting deposits for the model, pricing details are yet to be revealed. Importantly, Land Rover reassures enthusiasts that traditional gasoline-powered variants, including the beloved V8 models, will continue to be a part of the lineup. As the automotive landscape undergoes a significant shift towards electrification, Land Rover’s foray into the electric Range Rover signals a strategic move to blend innovation with the brand’s longstanding heritage.


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