Pole to Pole EV Expedition Defies Cold Weather Doubts

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The Pole to Pole Electric Vehicle (EV) Expedition led by husband and wife adventurers, Chris and Julie Ramsey, has successfully defied doubts about the capability of electric vehicles in extreme cold weather conditions. Covering an impressive distance of over 30,000 km, the journey was completed in a factory-standard all-electric Nissan Ariya with e-4ORCE all-wheel control, marking the first-ever successful pole-to-pole drive in an EV.

The epic 10-month expedition commenced at the 1823 Magnetic North Pole on the frozen Arctic Sea, traversing the diverse terrains and climates of North, Central, and South America. The ultimate goal was to reach the South Pole, making history by achieving a feat that no car, let alone an electric vehicle, had accomplished before.

The Nissan Ariya, unmodified in terms of powertrain or battery, underwent adaptations by polar mobility specialists Arctic Trucks to equip 39-inch BF Goodrich tires, ensuring it could withstand the challenging off-road terrains and extreme temperatures encountered during the journey. The success of the expedition showcased the resilience and adaptability of electric vehicles, challenging preconceived notions about their limitations in adverse conditions.

The inspiration for the Pole to Pole journey originated in 2017 after Chris and Julie Ramsey completed the Mongol Rally in their Nissan LEAF, becoming the first to use an electric vehicle for the 10,000-km challenge. Recognizing the potential for such adventures to generate interest in electric mobility, they envisioned Pole to Pole as the ultimate EV adventure. The Ramseys emphasized collaboration and innovation with like-minded partners, transforming their vision into reality.

Chris Ramsey expressed his confidence in the capabilities of electric vehicles, stating, “I’ve always had full confidence in the amazing capabilities of electric vehicles, and I knew our Nissan Ariya would tackle everything thrown at it.” Despite the challenges exceeding expectations, he reflected on the journey’s impact, reaching millions of people worldwide and inspiring them to embrace electric vehicles in their daily lives.

Julie Ramsey highlighted the incredible journey, emphasizing the support received from a growing community of kind and forward-thinking individuals. What began as a venture involving Chris and Julie evolved into a massive expedition team, uniting thousands of supporters and contributors who shared the excitement of electric driving.

Allyson Witherspoon, Corporate Vice President of Nissan Global Marketing, Brand, and Merchandizing, congratulated the Ramseys on completing Pole to Pole. She commended their daring spirit and passion for pushing the boundaries of electric adventure, underscoring how the journey showcased Nissan’s innovative technology and its ability to deliver excitement across diverse landscapes, from daily commutes to the remote reaches of the Antarctic. The expedition stood as a point of pride for Nissan, illustrating the ongoing advancements and possibilities in the world of electric mobility.


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