Scout to Debut First EVs Summer of 2024

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Volkswagen is gearing up to reintroduce the Scout name, with plans to unveil the first electric vehicles (EVs) under this banner in the summer of 2024. Initially, there were indications that the first two Scout models would be a collaborative effort with Austria’s Magna Steyr. An official teaser video has added fuel to the anticipation, confirming the debut of the first Scout model in the upcoming summer, though it remains unclear whether it will be a production model or a conceptual prototype.

The teaser, a brief 1:22-minute clip, is somewhat elusive, providing limited information. However, it concludes with a black screen displaying the announcement of the first model’s scheduled debut in the summer of 2024.

The earlier Scout teaser revealed an intriguing combination of a boxy SUV with short overhangs and a pickup truck. Both vehicles draw inspiration from the original International Harvester Scout, which was produced between 1960 and 1980 as a formidable competitor to Jeep. Notably, the modern Scouts will stand apart with their electric powertrains, representing a departure from the vintage off-roaders. The Scout brand is poised to exclusively focus on electric vehicles.

Despite being under the Volkswagen umbrella, Scout is set to feature technologies independent of the Wolfsburg brand. Instead, it will leverage a bespoke platform specifically designed for off-road capabilities. The specifics of the powertrain remain unclear, with the possibility of a two-motor setup, while three- and quad-motor variants are not ruled out.

A particularly intriguing development in the Scout narrative is the suggestion that Audi might release its version of the Scout SUV, potentially rivaling the upcoming electric Mercedes-Benz G-Class. However, this information is currently unconfirmed.

As Volkswagen ventures into the EV landscape with the Scout brand, it appears committed to blending nostalgic design elements with cutting-edge electric technology, sparking anticipation for what the summer of 2024 holds for the automotive industry.


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