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Internet Find of the Week: BMW E9 3.5 CSi

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With so many cars being featured on the internet every week, we have decided to feature one such car on for our readers to enjoy.  This week is a rare gem from Bavaria.

There is little known of this specific example of an E9 coupe, except the following quote, “3.5 (M90) motor with CR dogleg and 3.07 lsd.”  A google search revealed the photographer’s facebook, but the option to message him was turned off.  If anyone has any more info, or if the owner steps forward, we’d love to know more, as we have been unable to stop drooling since we first saw the shots 10 days ago.  Thanks in advance for the help, and if you don’t have any information, just enjoy the view, as its getting rarer and rarer to see one of these in such immaculate condition.


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