Edmunds Outlines What EV Owners Need to Know about Wintertime Driving

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When the winter chill sets in, electric vehicle (EV) owners face a unique set of challenges. Freezing temperatures slow down battery performance, reducing the range of EVs by 20% to 30%. Edmunds highlights key strategies to mitigate these issues and make winter driving with an EV more manageable.

Firstly, understanding why EVs suffer in winter is crucial. Cold temperatures hinder battery reactions, impacting performance. EVs utilize stored energy to warm the battery and power essential features like the cabin heater, further diminishing range. To combat this, experts recommend keeping the battery fully charged, potentially charging to 100% during winter to offset reduced range.

For those reliant on public charging stations, timing is everything. Charging during off-peak hours minimizes wait times and maximizes efficiency. Preconditioning the battery before fast charging helps optimize charging speeds, essential in cold weather when charging efficiency is reduced.

Regular charging at home is advised, not only to maintain readiness but also to ensure preparedness for unexpected situations like power outages or traffic delays. Preheating the cabin and battery before driving enhances comfort and performance, ideally done while the EV is still plugged in.

Driving habits also play a significant role. Utilizing eco-friendly driving modes and avoiding rapid acceleration can conserve energy. Additionally, opting for heated seats and steering wheels over the cabin heater helps preserve battery life.

Investing in winter tires designed for EVs enhances traction and braking performance on slippery roads. Adhering to manufacturer-recommended tire pressure levels further optimizes efficiency and safety in winter conditions.

Incorporating these tips can significantly improve winter driving with an EV. However, consulting the vehicle’s manual for specific recommendations is always advisable. By employing these strategies, EV owners can navigate winter roads with greater confidence and ease.


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