Updated 2025 Porsche Taycan Is Menacing – 938HP, 0-60 mph in 2.3 Seconds, 320 kW Charging Speed, Can Cost Over $210K

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Porsche has unleashed a beast with the updated 2025 Taycan, a car that may not flaunt radical visual changes but packs a serious punch from its electric motors. Boasting a staggering 938 horsepower when utilizing launch control, the Taycan Turbo S leaves its predecessor in the dust with a significant power boost from the previous 750 hp. This puts Porsche firmly back in the game against competitors like Tesla and Lucid in the high-performance EV sedan market. With a claimed 0-60 mph time of just 2.3 seconds, it’s not just powerful; it’s record-breaking.

The heart of this powerhouse lies in its new motors, ingeniously engineered to squeeze out more power while shedding weight. The rear motor sees a boost of up to 107 hp, contributing to the Taycan Turbo S’s title as the most powerful Porsche road car to date, surpassing even the formidable 918 Spyder. But Porsche didn’t stop at sheer horsepower; they’ve also prioritized efficiency and range, addressing criticisms of the previous model. Thanks to a new battery pack with revised cell chemistry, the Taycan now promises improved real-world range, with early tests indicating a significant bump.

Charging speed has also received a welcome upgrade, with the Taycan now capable of reaching up to 320 kW, slashing charging times and enhancing practicality for drivers on the go. That means you can do a 10% state of charge up to 80% using a DC fast charger in just 18 minutes. Chassis enhancements, including standard air suspension for US models and innovative active-suspension options, ensure a smooth and dynamic ride.

Inside, while changes are more subtle, refinements to the gauge cluster, infotainment system, and the addition of a push-to-pass button for models with the Sport Chrono package enhance the driving experience. Additionally, Porsche offers a leather-free interior option, catering to those with a preference for sustainability.

However, these advancements come at a cost. The 2025 Taycan lineup sees a price increase across the board, with the range-topping Turbo S Cross Turismo commanding a hefty $213,695. The full pricing breakdown for all new Taycan trims are below.

  • 2025 Taycan: $99,400
  • 2025 Taycan 4S: $118,500
  • 2025 Taycan Turbo: $173,600
  • 2025 Taycan Turbo S: $209,000
  • 2025 Taycan 4 Cross Turismo: $111,100
  • 2025 Taycan 4S Cross Turismo: $125,200
  • 2025 Taycan Turbo Cross Turismo: $176,300
  • 2025 Taycan Turbo S Cross Turismo: $211,700

For enthusiasts craving the ultimate blend of power, performance, and eco-conscious engineering, the updated Taycan is a tempting proposition, ready to assert its dominance on the road.


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