Toyota Crown Convertible Concept Makes Our Eyes Twitch, but It’s Still Cool

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We thought that Toyota’s adventurous spirit would be limited to vehicles that people actually wanted on massive scales. However, their most recent ‘creativity’ shines through its latest creation: the Toyota Crown Convertible Concept. Departing from the conventional, Toyota takes a daring leap by transforming its Crown crossover into a high-riding, four-door convertible, embracing a design trend that some might consider unconventional.

Such a vehicle reminds us of the Nissan Murano CrossCabriolet, a vehicle that still perplexes many and makes us wonder what it was like in the Nissan board room when they approved such a vehicle. Toyota’s interpretation of being outside of the box adds a unique twist with its four-door layout. Overcoming challenges, Toyota’s designers utilized innovative methods, including 3D printing, to seamlessly integrate new components into the bodywork, resulting in an elegant rear deck that harmonizes with the sleek exterior and white cabin.

2012 Nissan Murano CrossCabriolet

Unlike typical convertible crossovers, the four-door configuration of the drop-top Crown maintains its stylish proportions, preventing it from appearing overly stubby. This attention to detail ensures that the Crown Convertible Concept retains its appeal and sophistication. Still, let’s not get too carried away – this isn’t as cool as a drop-top Cadillac Ciel cruising down the boulevard with ‘The Entourage’ crew.

This isn’t Toyota’s first foray into convertible Crowns, as the automaker has previously crafted such models for parades and special events. With the latest model already available in sedan, wagon, and conventional crossover variants, Toyota is poised to expand the lineup further, exploring additional body styles based on market reception. This daring venture demonstrates Toyota’s willingness to push boundaries and embrace innovation.

Source: Toyota Times YouTube Page


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