Toyota Teases Crown Estate SUV Slated for America

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Toyota has recently provided a sneak peek into its forthcoming all-wheel-drive hybrid SUV slated for the American market. Toyota has a penchant for cryptic teasers, and their latest one, while somewhat vague, suggests that this mid-size SUV will “go beyond what’s expected.”

Upon careful scrutiny, a few intriguing details emerge from the teaser. Firstly, the font used for the rear badging resembles that of the Crown, a model introduced by Toyota last year. Additionally, the vehicle’s name begins with the letter ‘C,’ further hinting at a connection to the Crown series. However, the classification of the newcomer as an SUV by Toyota America raises some interesting questions. The rear-end design in the teaser doesn’t precisely match the Crown Sport SUV, recently unveiled in Japan.

The Crown series, which includes four different models, appears to introduce the Crown Estate as its second body style for the American market. While Toyota refers to it as an “Estate,” a term often associated with wagons, the Crown Estate, depicted in gold paint, exhibits a resemblance to traditional SUVs. Toyota America might aim to avoid confusion by marketing it as an SUV locally.

What we know about this new model so far is that it will be exclusively available in hybrid or plug-in hybrid configurations, with no mention of a conventional combustion engine option. While it’s uncertain whether both hybrid setups will make it to the American market, the teaser strongly suggests the presence of the hybrid version. If it shares the hybrid powertrain with the recently revealed Crown Sport variant, we can anticipate a 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine with a total output of 231 horsepower and all-wheel drive. The plug-in hybrid variant is expected to offer more power and enhanced performance.

The Crown Estate stands out for its substantial size, measuring 194 inches in length, which places it in the same ballpark as the BMW X5. This sizing implies a roomy cabin and a spacious trunk. Its height is listed at 63.8 inches, while the width mirrors that of the Crown Sport at 74 inches. Toyota has previously indicated that the Crown Estate will be available in 2024.

The introduction of the Crown Estate might seem somewhat unexpected, considering that Toyota already offers a range of hybrid SUVs in the American market, including the Venza, RAV4, RAV4 Prime, Grand Highlander, and Highlander. It remains to be seen where this new model fits within the lineup, but it’s reasonable to assume that it will carry a higher price tag than the Highlander. This move could signify Toyota’s strategy to bridge the gap between its mainstream models and the premium offerings from its luxury subsidiary, Lexus.

Of particular note, the Crown series may also open the door to the possibility of the hydrogen-powered Crown Sedan making its way to the American market. The hydrogen-powered Crown Sedan is a luxury car known for its emphasis on style and comfort, and its potential arrival would certainly pique the interest of discerning consumers alongside of the current Toyota Crown.


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