Tesla Model Y Was Most-Produced Vehicle in the World During 2023

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In 2023, the automotive landscape witnessed a shift in production dynamics, with the Tesla Model Y emerging as the most-produced vehicle worldwide, according to a study by French EV research firm Inovev. While the Ford F-150 often garners attention for its sales dominance in American automotive media, globally it was Tesla that claimed the top spot. The Model Y surpassed stalwarts like the Toyota RAV4 and Ford’s F-Series trucks to secure its position at the pinnacle of production numbers.

Inovev’s comprehensive study revealed that the Tesla Model Y saw an impressive production volume of 1,137,885 units, outstripping its closest competitors, the Toyota RAV4 and Ford F-Series, by a significant margin. Notably, the top 25 list included a diverse array of models, with Tesla’s Model 3 also making the cut at number ten.

The dominance of Tesla in the production arena reflects the growing influence of electric vehicles (EVs) globally. While traditional automakers like Toyota and Ford maintained their presence in the rankings, Tesla’s ascent underscores the increasing demand for EVs.

However, it’s essential to distinguish production numbers from sales figures. Despite leading in production, Tesla also emerged victorious in sales, with approximately 1.23 million units of the Model Y sold in the same period. These figures highlight Tesla’s ability to translate production volume into consumer demand.

Additionally, Chinese automaker BYD demonstrated remarkable production prowess, with several of its models featuring prominently in the top 25 list. While BYD’s overall production figures surpassed Tesla’s, the comparison is nuanced due to differences in market presence and product offerings.

In China, BYD commands a substantial market share, particularly in the electric vehicle segment, where it holds a 25 percent share compared to Tesla’s 15 percent. This underscores BYD’s stronghold in its home market and its status as a formidable competitor to established players like Tesla.

Ultimately, Tesla’s achievement in securing the top global production spot with the Model Y and placing the Model 3 in the top ten is a testament to its growing influence in the automotive industry. As the shift towards electric mobility continues, such milestones signal the evolving landscape of the automotive sector and the emergence of new contenders in the race for market dominance.


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