Toyota Teases 2025 Model Year Sixth-Generation 4Runner

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Toyota recently provided a glimpse into what’s to come for its 2025 lineup, offering a sneak peek of the highly anticipated sixth-generation 4Runner. This revelation marks the first time Toyota has offered a glimpse of the redesigned SUV, showcasing a detailed view of its rear bumper.

There’s no doubt that the current fifth-generation Toyota 4Runner is old at this juncture. With 15 years of the current generation 4Runner, there’s built-up anticipation surrounding the 2025 4Runner, as it is slated for a complete overhaul, marking the dawn of the sixth-generation SUV. Set to share its foundation with the Tacoma pickup, the upcoming model promises to deliver a fresh interpretation of Toyota’s renowned off-road prowess.

The teaser follows recent sightings of fully camouflaged prototypes undergoing testing near Toyota’s research and development facility in southeast Michigan, hinting at the imminent arrival of the revamped SUV.

Toyota’s latest Instagram post offers enthusiasts a retrospective journey through the evolution of the 4Runner, culminating in an intimate look at its redesigned rear bumper. Noteworthy changes include the relocation of the “4Runner” badge to a prominent position above the bumper, adorned in a bold, blocky font, signaling a departure from previous iterations.

Furthermore, keen-eyed observers have noted redesigned taillights peeking out from the top of the image, suggesting a subtle yet discernible aesthetic refresh.

While the recent sightings indicate continuity in terms of size compared to its 2024 counterpart, speculation swirls regarding the 2025 4Runner’s technical underpinnings. Leveraging the mid-size Tacoma pickup as its base, the upcoming model is poised to inherit a blend of hybrid and non-hybrid four-cylinder engine options, drawing inspiration from both the Tacoma and Land Cruiser lineups.

Enthusiasts eagerly await official confirmation from Toyota regarding the forthcoming enhancements, anticipating a harmonious fusion of rugged performance and cutting-edge technology in the sixth-generation 4Runner.


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