Kia Recalling 427,000 Telluride SUVs Over Roll-Away Risk

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Kia is recalling 427,407 of its 2020-2024 Telluride SUVs due to concerns regarding potential roll-away risks when parked. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has highlighted an issue stemming from improper assembly of the intermediate shaft and the right front driveshaft. This misalignment could lead to incomplete engagement of the shafts, causing damage to the intermediate shaft splines over time and resulting in unintended vehicle movement even when placed in Park mode. Kia urges owners to utilize the parking brake as an added precaution until the necessary recall repairs are completed.

The problem was initially identified by Kia in April 2022, and after two years of investigation, 16 instances were found where Telluride vehicles reportedly moved while in Park, accompanied by grinding noises or difficulty engaging Drive or Reverse. Six of these vehicles exhibited damage to their intermediate shaft splines, prompting the recall. Fortunately, there have been no reported injuries, accidents, or fatalities associated with this issue.

Beginning May 15, Kia will notify affected owners about the recall and advise them to visit a Kia dealership for the required service. The remedy involves installing updated electronic parking brake software to ensure the brake engages when the vehicle is in Park and the engine is off. Additionally, the new software will activate the parking brake when the vehicle stops and the driver’s door is opened, irrespective of the gear selection. After updating the software, Kia will inspect the intermediate shaft and replace it if any damage is detected.


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