BMW M5 Touring Confirmed for America

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Confirmation has arrived for automotive enthusiasts in the United States – BMW has officially announced the arrival of the next-generation M5 Touring wagon. This news follows a hint dropped by BMW’s design chief earlier, suggesting a potential U.S. debut for the model. While details were scarce initially, BMW is now gearing up to commence production of the 2025 M5 Touring in the latter part of this year.

Under the hood, the M5 Touring is set to impress with a formidable powertrain. Featuring a twin-turbocharged 4.4-liter V-8 engine paired with an electric motor and plug, the model is anticipated to unleash over 700 horsepower. Positioned between the XM and XM Label, which boasts an impressive 738 hp, this powerhouse is a significant leap from its predecessor, which delivered up to 617 hp in Competition trim.

With great power comes added weight, as the new M5 is expected to tip the scales at approximately 5,368 pounds for the sedan, potentially even more for the wagon variant. The integration of a hybrid powertrain, coupled with purported increases in size, suggests a considerable increase in mass compared to the outgoing model.

As for pricing, enthusiasts should prepare for a substantial investment. While specifics remain undisclosed, it’s safe to assume that the next-generation M5 Touring will likely surpass the six-figure threshold. Building upon the 2023 M5 sedan’s starting price of $107,900, the addition of premium features, such as the extended roof and enhanced cargo capacity of the wagon, is poised to elevate the cost beyond $110,000.

The imminent arrival of the BMW M5 Touring in the American market signals an exciting new chapter for performance enthusiasts. With its blend of cutting-edge technology, impressive power output, and unmistakable BMW styling, the M5 Touring is poised to captivate drivers seeking unrivaled performance and versatility.


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