Acura To Reveal Integra-Inspired Turbocharged ADX Crossover in 2025

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Acura is set to introduce an addition to its SUV lineup with the debut of the first-ever Acura ADX, a premium crossover inspired by the acclaimed Integra. The ADX is slated to be a turbocharged marvel for an early 2025 unveiling, joining the ranks alongside Acura’s established SUV models, including the RDX, MDX, and ZDX.

The forthcoming ADX represents more than just a new vehicle; it’s a strategic move by Acura to captivate a younger audience of premium buyers. By drawing inspiration from the award-winning Integra, Acura aims to create a seamless transition into the brand for those entering the luxury vehicle market. We expect something derived directly from the Acura Integra platform, which isn’t a bad thing considering how much we like the Integra. The big question we have is if Acura will have a performance version using the Integra Type S’ powertrain – using the 320 horsepower heart of the Integra Type S. Doubtful, but we’ve seen crazier things happen in the past. Either way, we should be in for a treat of Acura does it right. Essentially, we think Acura needed something to slot below all of their current SUVs considering the RDX has literally grown up and there’s nothing to fill a spot below its starting price of $44,350. We could almost think of the ADX as a luxury version of the Honda CR-V, positioned to compete with vehicles like the Lexus UX.

Emile Korkor, assistant vice president of Acura National Sales, expressed enthusiasm about the ADX’s potential impact, stating, “The 2025 Acura ADX will add a fourth SUV to our lineup and a new gateway model ready to build on the incredible success of Integra, helping make Acura a destination brand for a new generation of buyers.”

This crossover isn’t just about expanding Acura’s SUV offerings; it’s about crafting a comprehensive lineup that appeals to diverse consumer preferences. With the introduction of the ADX alongside the all-electric ZDX, Acura ensures that its SUV portfolio covers a wide spectrum, from traditional gasoline-powered vehicles to cutting-edge electric models.


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