NHTSA Upgrading Probe Into Braking Issue in 3 Million Honda Vehicles as Injuries Reported

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The U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has escalated its investigation into reports of unexpected activation of automatic emergency braking systems in approximately 3 million Honda vehicles, signaling a more in-depth analysis. This step is crucial as it precedes any potential recall demands by the auto safety regulator. Among the vehicles under scrutiny are Honda’s popular Accord sedans and CR-V crossover SUVs.

With 2,876 consumer complaints received by the NHTSA, along with reports of 93 injuries and 47 crashes involving Honda vehicles, there’s a growing concern over the safety of these models. The incidents appear to be linked to automatic emergency braking systems engaging without any apparent obstruction in the vehicle’s path. Originally focusing on 2017-2019 models of the CR-V and Accord, the probe now encompasses newer versions, including 2020-2022 models.

Honda’s Autonomous Emergency Braking system, designed to activate in imminent collision scenarios using radar and camera technology, is intended to apply significant braking force when necessary. However, the reported incidents suggest instances where the system might have triggered unexpectedly, raising questions about its reliability and potential risks to drivers and passengers.

As the investigation unfolds, Honda’s response remains awaited, highlighting the significance of collaboration between automakers and regulators in addressing safety concerns and ensuring the integrity of vehicle systems.


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