2024 Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro Priced at $65,395

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The 2024 Toyota Tacoma lineup offers a variety of trims and prices to suit different preferences and needs. While the base model with a four-cylinder engine starts at a reasonable $32,995, opting for the hybrid version means shelling out more cash, starting at $41,895. The pricing escalates further for the off-road Trailhunter and TRD Pro trims, with the latter topping the list at $65,395.

Each trim level comes with its own set of features and capabilities. For instance, the SR5 Double Cab 4×4 provides an entry point into the hybrid lineup, while the TRD Sport and TRD Off-Road models are priced similarly at $43,295. The Limited trim crosses the $50,000 threshold, while the Trailhunter and TRD Pro models demand at least $64,000, which includes the $1,495 destination charge.

One notable change in the 2024 Tacoma lineup is the absence of the traditional V-6 engine on the Trailhunter and TRD Pro models, which now exclusively feature an I-Force Max hybrid powertrain. This powertrain delivers 326 horsepower and 465 pound-feet of torque, enhancing the truck’s performance and efficiency.

When it comes to transmission options, the SR5 comes with a six-speed manual gearbox, while the TRD Sport and TRD Off-Road offer a standard six-speed automatic transmission, with the option to upgrade for an additional cost. Additionally, the TRD Sport and TRD Off-Road can be equipped with the I-Force Max engine for added power, priced at $47,795 and $48,095 respectively.

The flagship TRD Pro model commands attention with a significant price increase compared to its predecessor, starting at $65,395. Despite offering more horsepower and torque, this price hike may give potential buyers pause, especially when comparing it to other alternatives in the market.

Overall, the 2024 Toyota Tacoma lineup caters to a range of preferences and budgets, with hybrid models set to arrive at dealerships later in the spring.

2024 Tacoma Trim      Price
SR5 $41,895
TRD Sport $43,295
TRD Off-Road $43,295
Limited $53,595
Trailhunter $64,395
TRD Pro $65,395

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