Bentley Gets More Dynamic with Exclusive Bentayga Apex Edition

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Bentley is upping the ante with the unveiling of the Bentayga Apex Edition, a creation born from the craftsmanship of its in-house Mulliner bespoke division. Branded as the ‘most dynamic-looking and driving Bentayga ever,’ this exclusive crossover is set to make waves in the luxury automotive world. What sets the Apex Edition apart is its embrace of carbon fiber, a material renowned for its lightweight properties and performance benefits.

At the heart of this limited-edition model are its 22-inch carbon rims, meticulously crafted to shed a significant six kilograms each in unsprung mass compared to standard counterparts. This reduction in weight not only enhances performance but also contributes to a more agile driving experience. Complementing the lightweight rims are carbon silicon discs, offering improved braking performance while shaving off an additional 20 kilograms compared to traditional iron rotors. Bentley touts these enhancements as key contributors to improved steering agility, enhanced braking response, and reduced tire wear, ultimately elevating the driving dynamics of the Apex models.

In addition to its performance-focused upgrades, the Bentayga Apex Edition offers a selection of six meticulously curated themes by Mulliner, catering to the discerning tastes of luxury connoisseurs. From Extreme Silver with Beluga stripe to Alpine Green with matching accents, each theme exudes sophistication and exclusivity. Theme 1, featuring a striking Candy Red satin exterior paired with Arctic White accents, is particularly captivating. Inside, the opulence continues with Arctic White main hide and Hotspur secondary hide, complemented by meticulous attention to detail in the form of Arctic White contrast stitching and satin carbon fiber accents.

Underneath its exquisite design lies the formidable power of the Bentayga S, boasting a 550-horsepower twin-turbo V8 engine capable of propelling the vehicle to a top speed of 180 mph. Coupled with rear axle steering and active anti-roll technology, the Bentayga S serves as the solid foundation upon which the Apex Edition builds its dynamic prowess.

While the Bentayga S offers a compelling package for most drivers, the Apex Edition elevates the experience to unprecedented levels of luxury and performance. With only 20 units available globally, each crafted to the highest standards of Bentley’s Mulliner division, the Bentayga Apex Edition is poised to captivate automotive enthusiasts and collectors alike. Although pricing and availability for the Apex editions have yet to be announced, anticipation runs high for this exclusive offering from the renowned British marque.


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