Polestar 5 EV Prototype Takes Just 10 Minutes to Charge from 10% to 80%

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Polestar has collaborated with StoreDot, an Israeli startup, to create a groundbreaking electric vehicle prototype. This prototype boasts an astonishing charging capability, going from 10% to 80% battery capacity in a mere 10 minutes. What sets this achievement apart is that it was accomplished not just in a controlled lab environment but with a drivable car.

The technology behind this remarkable feat is StoreDot’s Extreme Fast Charging (XFC) technology, integrated into a Polestar 5 sedan, slated for release in 2025. Charging at a rate of 310 kilowatts initially, it ramps up to 370 kilowatts as it approaches the 80% mark. This is a noteworthy accomplishment because traditional EVs tend to experience decreasing charging speeds as the battery reaches higher levels of charge. The prototype is equipped with a specially designed 77-kilowatt-hour battery pack, with potential for expansion up to 100 kilowatt hours, translating to an impressive 200 miles of range added in just 10 minutes for a mid-size EV.

Interestingly, engineers didn’t need to make modifications to the cooling system to enable this rapid 370-kilowatt charging. While specific test conditions aren’t disclosed, environmental factors such as temperature can influence charging times significantly. The secret lies in the battery pack itself, employing silicon-dominant cells and remaining compatible with existing DC charging infrastructure, eliminating the need for specialized charging stations.

Polestar hints at the possibility of incorporating XFC technology into its future vehicles, though no firm commitment has been made. With a typical development cycle of two to three years, the company suggests that production implementation could occur within that timeframe, opening the door to a new era of swift EV charging.


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