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2010 Infiniti EX35 Journey Review & Test Drive

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Nissan’s luxury brand has come a long way in terms of being a viable competitor in the luxury segment as well as a front runner in implementing new technologies making their cars more enjoyable and safer. Infiniti’s new EX35 is one vehicle that falls into the “small station wagon” segment many will see it as a small SUV. Although the EX35 is a relatively small vehicle, it packs in lots of technology setting it far apart from its competition.

Our Infiniti EX35 Journey RWD test vehicle was equipped with several options making a “small” package one that is quite innovative. For 2010 Infiniti EX35 comes with a new set of options including the new Bose and Around View Monitor Package with Infiniti’s advanced climate control and air purification system. Also new is an upgraded navigation system that allows you to stream music via Bluetooth with a Zagat Restaurant Guide. The base price of the EX35 has remained the same carrying over from last year.

The Infiniti EX35 can be had with an advanced all-wheel-drive system or configured like our test vehicle with rear wheel drive. The 297 horsepower VQ 3.5-liter V6 engine matted to a 5-speed automatic transmission make nice harmony together. You even get a sexy harmonic drone from the sport tuned exhaust which can be very reminiscent of other VQ equipped Infiniti’s such as the FX35 and G37. For a small SUV this is easily the fastest and most responsive from any of its competitors in terms of performance. The EX35 is a basically a baby FX that gives you a sports-car feel and when you put the transmission in DS (sport) mode it allows you to rev-match on downshifts. I found myself throwing the EX35 around and into corners like I was driving the 370Z at times.

For a vehicle that is tight on space, trunk is only 18.6 cubic feet and folded down seats is 47.4 cubic feet, it is still desirable for those who want a little extra versatility when compared to the G37 Sedan. Although the G37 Sedan does offer six more inches of rear legroom, a more powerful 3.7-liter engine, and a 7-speed automatic transmission and same ATTESA E-TS (Advanced Total Traction Engineering System for All Electronic Torque Split)all-wheel-drive system can be found in the EX35 AWD.

The gorgeous interior found in Infiniti vehicles works well and you can find that across the lineup even in the small EX35. The Infiniti vehicles from just a few years ago are really no comparison as they have upped the ante on soft-to-the-touch materials and well laid out controls throughout the interior. Our test vehicle was well equipped with the premium package offering memory seat (steering wheel, mirror) position synchronization, 8-way power front seats, power remote-up folding rear seats, driver-side coat hanger in the headrest and aluminum roof rails. Other packages included were the complementary navigation package as part of selecting the premium and technology packages. The technology package for Infiniti is spot-on by incorporating a wide array of new safety features such as the Lane Departure Warning and Prevention, Intelligent Cruise Control and Distance Control Assist. New for this year is the upgraded Bose & Around View Monitor Package which gives you a set of cameras mounted in front, rear and in both rearview mirrors for a full “around-view” when you either backup or inch forward. Also as part of the navigation system is a 9.3gb music box hard drive to store your personalized music.

Inside of the EX35 you will find rather narrow seats that offer just enough support for even those who may be considered “healthy” adults.  Being such a small vehicle, the front heated leather seats still provide enough comfort for any person.

Outside, the styling of the EX is unmistakable for any other make of vehicle other than the Infiniti line-up. Virtually the same styling cues of the G37 can be found up front and as you move to the rear of the EX it screams baby FX. The rear turn signal lamps are located rather low  and integrated into the rear bumper with LED stop-lamps right where they should be like the EX’s bigger sibling. The adaptive front lighting system as part of the Premium Package includes HID headlights that swivel as you turn the steering wheel which is great for added lighting into turns on poorly lit roads. The low sweeping roof line clearly sets off the EX from any other SUV as it is even found to be much lower than a Mercedes Benz GLK or even the Acura RDX. You do get much softer styling in the EX vs. the Acura RDX.

The EX35 was really not meant to be taken off-road. However, it can handle the snow with a standard active torque distribution management system that has an active center clutch designed to give you smooth starts and better traction in undesirable terrain on the AWD EX35. The RWD model does have a “snow mode” for the transmission cutting power as needed for added traction on slippery roads.

Fuel consumption of the EX35 RWD is decent getting a good 24 mpg on the highway although during city driving we did about 19 mpg just over the documented 17 mpg. Drivability of the EX35 is very comparable to the Infiniti G37 coupe that we tested last year. Both are very stable on the highway at higher speeds while giving just the right amount of suspension dampening when on bumpy roads. Even though the EX35 is not a sports coupe of nothing near a sports car in terms of drivability, it gives the driver assurance of being capable in most driving situations.

If you are in the market for a versatile compact SUV that has the availability of a lot of tech toys and won’t break the bank, then the 2010 Infiniti EX35 may be for you. Our test vehicle’s base price starts at $36,000 and as-tested price was $43,295.



Price: Base (EX35 Journey RWD) $36,000 As-Tested $43,295
Type: Midsize SUV
Where Built: Japan
EPA Class: Small Station Wagons


Length: 182.3 in. Width: 71 in.
Height: 61.9 in.
Wheel Base: 110.2 in.
Ground Clearance: 6.5 in.
Curb Weight: 3783 lbs.
Gross Weight: 4860 lbs.

Front Head Room: 38.7 in.
Front Hip Room: 52.9 in.
Front Shoulder Room: 54.8 in.
Rear Head Room: 37.7 in.
Rear Shoulder Room: 55.1 in.
Rear Hip Room: 50 in.
Front Leg Room: 44.3 in.
Rear Leg Room: 28.5 in.
Luggage Capacity: 18.6 cu. ft.
Maximum Seating: 5

Performance Data

Base Number of Cylinders: 6
Base Engine Size: 3.5 liters
Base Engine Type: V6
Horsepower: 297 hp
Max Horsepower: 6800 rpm
Torque: 253 ft-lbs.
Max Torque: 4800 rpm
Maximum Payload: 1077 lbs.
Drive Type: RWD
Turning Circle: 34.8 ft.

Fuel Data

Fuel Tank Capacity: 20 gal.
EPA Mileage Estimates: (City/Highway/Combined)
Automatic: 17 mpg / 24 mpg / 19 mpg
Range in Miles:
Automatic: 340 mi. / 480 mi. / 380 mi.


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