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Rumor Mill: Toyota Renews Trademark on ‘Supra’ Name Usage

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Not too long ago we reported that the rumor mill was spinning to the tune of a new successor to the Toyota Supra and MR2 coming out in the next few years. Today we are happy to report, according to Car and Driver, that Toyota has secured a trademark for use of the Supra name. What does that mean? It could mean a few things such as Toyota is actually going to name a new vehicle “Supra” which also means the vehicle will probably be based on the FT-HS concept or some variant of that.

It is very unlikely that the name Supra will be touted on the upcoming FT-86. Toyota president Akio Toyoda already said that he wants “to see the next Supra tested in the near future.” With the unfortunate death of Hiromu Naruse, Toyota’s test driver and creator of the last Supra and current Lexus LFA, it may have slowed any plans that Toyota had in the works for any type of car to receive the Supra nameplate. Only time will tell while we once again patiently wait for something more-exciting to come out of Toyota. I am even willing to forget all of the recent Toyota recalls if they came out with a Supra. HAHA!

[source: Car and Driver]


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