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Scion’s “Radio 17” Revs Up With Fresh Music Stations

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We know that Scion is one of the latest youth crazed Automotive Makes. Toyota is taking it to a new level into the youth culture directly injected into their ears through 17 new Scion Radio Stations. That’s right; you heard right, Radio stations offered by Toyota’s Scion car brand. Below (after the jump) is the press release and additional information of this new youth craze. You can ride in your Scion and listen to Scion radio, what a way to have your cake and eat it too. I guess they (Scion) figures you listen to certain music if you drive a Scion. Just a thought, not a fact.

Scion Broadband’s “Radio 17” Revs Up This January With Hot Guests And Fresh New Music Stations


Scion, of Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc., is kicking off 2009 with a bang with the addition of two new radio stations and an impressive lineup of superstar guest DJs to its “Scion Radio 17” – a channel on the automaker’s Internet broadcasting venture, Scion Broadband (or “Scion bB”).

In addition, “Scion Radio 17” stations are now available on the iTunes radio directory and streaming radio site


Beginning Jan. 8, 2009, listeners can tune in to “Scion Radio 17” for a fresh lineup of new music and interviews featuring the hottest guest DJs and artists including interviews with dancehall legend Sean Paul and genre-melting U.K. DJ Sinden, as well as exclusive DJ sets from reigning mash-up king Girl Talk, eight year hip hop radio veteran DJ Revolution, and others.

Newly added stations to “Scion Radio 17” will be hosted by Garth Trinidad of KCRW’s Chocolate City, as well as international reggae/dancehall DJ Max Glazer.

Don’t miss the other exclusive additions to the January lineup of “Scion Radio 17” including the following:

Channel 2 – “The Rub Radio” hosted by DJ Eleven,
Cosmo Baker, and DJ Ayres,
Guests: DJ Revolution and Jokers of the Scene

Channel 3 – “Scion Guest DJ Channel” featuring live sets from Scion events,
Guests: Sinden

Channel 6 – “Kitchen Sink Radio” hosted by DJ Haul,
Guests: Samim and The American Dream Team

Channel 7 – “No Static At All” hosted by Rob Wonder,
Guests: DJ J-$ol & Apple Juice

**NEW CHANNEL** Channel 9 – “Federation Invasion” hosted by Max Glazer and Kenny Meez,
Guests: Sean Paul

Channel 10 – “Turntable Lab Radio” hosted by Blu Jemz,
Guests: Michna and Nick Catchdubs

**NEW CHANNEL** Channel 11 – “Chocolate City All Stars” hosted by Garth Trinidad,

Channel 13 – “Clockout Radio” hosted by
Ninja Tune Records,
Guests: Girl Talk

Channel 17 – “Xlr8r Radio” hosted by Tim, Bryant,
and Professor Smith,
Guests: Toy Selectah

For more information on “Scion Radio 17”, contact Bender/Helper Impact or log onto


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