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Rumor: Hyundai To Show Veloster Turbo In New York

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Hyundai's Veloster, soon available in extra strength? Image: Hyundai Motor America.

When I toured Hyundai’s Montgomery, AL manufacturing plant as part of the 2011 Elantra launch, I pitched them the idea of an Elantra Type R. “Just throw in the motor from the Sonata Turbo and offer it with a six speed manual,” I said, but Hyundai shot down my request quicker than Scarlett Johansson would shoot down my request for a three-way. When it comes to building sporty compact cars, Hyundai has big plans (and a laser-like focus) on their Veloster. The Veloster introduced in Detroit wasn’t much to make enthusiasts sit up and take note; after all, how entertaining could 138 horsepower really be? Now comes word that Hyundai has a Veloster-ace-up-their-sleeve in store for the upcoming New York Auto Show, in the form of a 208 horsepower Veloster Turbo.

Details are sketchy, but I’m inclined to believe the rumors based on Hyundai’s market positioning (and expectations) of the Veloster. The Veloster Turbo reportedly uses the same 1.6 liter, inline four engine as the base Veloster, but with forced induction giving it an additional 70 horsepower. Better yet, rumors say the Veloster Turbo is more than just a concept, and that inventory will hit dealer showrooms later this year alongside the normally aspirated Veloster. We’ll have more details when the New York Auto Show begins next week.

Source: Left Lane News


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