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How Well Does The BMW 1 Series M Handle?

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In my driving instructor days, we usually ran an exercise teaching clients the basics of threshold braking (this was, after all, in the days before anti-lock brakes). I’d set up a braking chute, marked by cones spaced seven feet apart; that’s narrower than a standard traffic lane, but still significantly wider than most cars. What did I learn? At sixty miles per hour, even experienced drivers had a hard time judging the width of the braking chute, resulting in cones launch deep into the rattlesnake-infested infield. Good times, good times.

That makes the video below all the more impressive, if it’s real. You can’t judge the driver’s speed well, since there’s really no reference points, but trust me – he’s hauling ass. If he’s really got the talent to thread the needle through concrete walls in a crossed-up 1 Series M at warp speed, my hat is indeed off to him. Is it real or is it CGI? Watch the video below and tell me what you think.

Source: BMW Canada YouTube Channel


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