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Score That Bugatti Veyron 1, Tuned Nissan GT-R 0

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If you own a car like the Bugatti Veyron in south Florida, there aren’t many places where you can mat the go-pedal, at least for long. One of the better options is Palm Beach International Raceway (PBIR), which used to be called Moroso Motorsport Park. Aside from the fact that the track is in the middle of nowhere, and has absolutely no elevation change (like every other track in Florida), it isn’t a bad facility. Its drag strip is often open to the public, and its road course can be run with an instructor or during high-performance driving events.

Drag Times was at PBIR last Wednesday, when they noticed a Bugatti Veyron running the road course. Since a mildly tuned Nissan GT-R was already making a few runs at the drag strip, it seemed logical to encourage the Veyron owner to try his luck in the quarter mile.

The result shown here is impressive, but we didn’t get to see the Veyron’s first run, which was done without using the car’s launch control. The net result of that pass was a 12 second run, at 137 miles per hour, which would have been a loss to the GT-R.


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