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‘Drive’ Kicks Off With A Trip To The 24 Hours Of Nürburgring: Video

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Drive is a new channel for automotive enthusiasts on YouTube, featuring high quality video and higher quality commentary from the likes of Matt Farah, Leo Parente and Mike Spinelli. Kicking off the series and the channel, Leo Parente takes us to last year’s 24 Hours of Nürburgring to explain why the race is like no other. It may not enjoy the fame of LeMans, but the ‘Ring race is even more taxing on driver and car. There are more turns on a longer course, more elevation changes and plenty more chances for something to go wrong.

Germans love their motorsports, so the 24 hour race seems to combine drunken debauchery with good, clean family fun. While Parente’s commentary is a bit over the top (decaf, Mr. Parente, decaf), his spirit is infectious, and you can’t possibly watch this video without wanting to make a pilgrimage to The Green Hell for this year’s race.

We like the feel of Drive, and think the show has potential. There are big plans for the channel, and we’ll be sure to tune in for future episodes. What’s your take? Does Drive go the distance, or does it leave you stranded by the side of the road?


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