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The Automotive Industry Has A New Friend Headed To The Whitehouse

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Automotive industry analysts have said today that an Obama Presidency is going to help US automakers in many ways.

Union leaders will have an Employee Free Choice Act put in place making it easy to unionize the foreign automakers plants in the USA. Think of it as more Toyota-GM type set-ups where a larger portion of the foreign automakers set up shop here in America to produce cars for America. A win win situation to help many automakers get back on their feet.

We have heard the many speeches during the presidential election from Obama where plans will be put in place to move the automotive industry in a new direction. We can only hope that this plays out in the near future to stimulate the economy starting with more American produced vehicles that could create jobs instead of laying off employees.

We need some answers and results soon! Show us the money Obama! _ The Automotive Industry


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