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Giant Car Corporations Dominating Auto Industry – Who Owns Who

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Today’s automotive market is quite complex and in it we find ourselves wondering what larger company has influence over the vehicle that we currently drive. Over time, many hands of ownership have changed in the auto industry. To sum up quickly on a simplistic who owns who scale, the graphic below is a rudimentary representation of large automotive companies and how their ownership filters down the chain.


14 Automotive Companies Who Owns Who – Source: Business Insider


Although I can find a few flaws with this chart, it does represent the overall representation of 14 giant car corporations and their ownership in other car companies. Getting into some of the fine details of ownerships and platform sharing, this chart would be quite complicated – more like the one Jalopnik posted nearly 5 years ago.


Automotive Companies Who Owns Who 2010 – Source: Jalopnik


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