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Test Drive: Ferrari Racing Legends Official Trailer Video Released

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Many automotive enthusiasts love a good racing game but sometimes we want to break away from Forza Motorsports, Gran Turismo and even Test Drive Unlimited. As an alternative, Atari has revealed its first official trailer for their next game in the Test Drive racing franchise, Test Drive: Ferrari Racing Legends.

The game looks to be a hit, especially among enthusiasts who would love to slip behind the wheel of a Ferrari in particular. I mean, who would not want to “virtually” drive a Ferrari -vintage or new? The new game combines an astonishing 70 years of Ferrari’s automotive culture and history. You will not want to pass up on this new game and at least drive a $30 million+ Ferrari 250 GTO around a race track.

Hit up the official Test Drive: Ferrari Racing Legends trailer below and let us know if you like what you see.


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