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Tour The Workshops Of Porsche Classic: Video

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Let’s say you’re lucky enough to own a collection of classic and exotic Porsches. When it’s time for an engine rebuild on a 356 or 911SC, that task can be farmed out to any number of shops specializing in Porsche, since parts are available and neither model is very specialized.

On the other hand, when it’s time for a complete restoration on your 959 or original 550 Spyder, do you really want to trust that work to anyone other than Porsche itself? For customers that want Porsches restored to original specs, in some cases by the workers who originally built the car, there’s Porsche Classic.

Part of Porsche AG, Porsche Classic exists to restore and maintain classic road-going Porsches. They won’t touch your Porsche racer, since that’s the job of Rennsport, but they’ll to everything from routine maintenance to a rotisserie restoration on your classic street-legal Porsche.

The division also stocks parts for any car that’s 10 years out of production, ensuring that you can always get an exhaust manifold for that Porsche 928 you’ve been restoring. Parts can be ordered by any Porsche dealer worldwide, but they’ll always come from Porsche Classics 35,000-part inventory.

If you’re looking for custom work, look elsewhere. Porsche Classics won’t turn your 1980 911 into a 930 replica, but it will restore the car to as new specifications if that’s what your after. It’s no surprise, then, that a Porsche Classic restoration can add more value to a car than a complete restoration done by a third party shop. After all, no one on the planet knows Porsche as well as Porsche.


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