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Dealerships Charging Hefty $7K Market Value Markup on new Scion FR-S

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The new 2013 Scion FR-S is sure to be a big hit among enthusiasts looking for an affordable rear-wheel-drive sports coupe. Unfortunately, those looking to pay around the $25K MSRP price may be out of luck due to Toyota/Scion dealerships tagging a hefty Market Value Markup of almost $7,000.

Market value markups are nothing new under the sun. Better yet, it is rather expected to see such markups on new vehicles that are in high demand. It is actually a legal practice but as you can imagine, paying 7 grand over sticker price on a new Scion FR-S may not sit well with enthusiasts especially when you can take $35K somewhere else and get something like a more-powerful Mustang GT or even a Subaru WRX STI.

What do you think about dealership markups on new high-demand vehicles? Is it justified, or are Toyota/Scion dealerships smoking some really good stuff when it comes to marking-up the new Scion FR-S’ price?

We were able to obtain an image of the sticker price of a new Scion FR-S at a local south Florida dealership via VWVortex forum.


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