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A Tour Of The McLaren Tech Center: Video

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We’ll warn you in advance: if you don’t already lust for the McLaren MP4-12C supercar, you will after this video. We’ve toured a lot of automobile plants, all over the world, yet we’ve never seen one that looks quite like McLaren’s Production Center, where each MP4-12C is hand-assembled by a team of skilled craftsmen.

Notice that we didn’t say, “and robots” in the last sentence, because McLaren still believes that a dedicated and motivated employee can perform higher quality work than a computer guided, hydraulically activated automaton. Robots don’t have the same eye for detail (technically, we suppose you could argue this point), and robots build with indifference, not passion.

Perhaps it’s best to look at McLaren in terms of building Formula One race cars. The company is quite good at this, having won 1/4 of all F1 races it’s ever entered. Broaden the scope to racing in general, and McLaren has taken a podium spot in half of all races it’s been in. Those are impressive statistics, and here’s where we point out that McLaren doesn’t use robots to build its F1 cars, either. In other words, if skilled workers are good enough to build F1 cars, they’re good enough to build the MP4-12C.

When we do hit the right combination of Powerball numbers, or when we finally write that best-selling-novel we’ve been talking about for years, we’ll be off to Woking for a visit with McLaren, and to place an order for an MP4-12C of our own. There may be faster or more over-the-top supercars, but none is a McLaren.


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