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Volvo’s Luxury Sport Car (S60R Polestar) Speculatively Rendered To Life

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As a follow up to yesterday’s report on Volvo pondering a new luxury sport coupe, some enthusiasts have taken it upon themselves to speculatively render a new luxury-performance oriented Volvo S60R Polestar to life.

What you see here is a speculative rendering on what the new Polestar performance-tuned Volvo sports sedan could look like. This high-performance coupe or sedan could be placed in a position to rival with the Benz C63 AMG and the BMW M3.

Reportedly, the S60R will be powered by the Yamaha-sourced V8 found in the Noble M600 and other European Volvo vehicles. Power output is expected to be just over 400 horsepower and deliver it through a sequential gearbox and Haldex AWD system to all four wheels.

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