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‘Imported From Gotham City’ – Chrysler Sponsors ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ with 300S Ad Spot

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Okay sure Gotham and the real city of Detroit have some things in common. After all, Detroit is Gotham City right? With the new ‘Dark Knight Rises’ movie to hit the big screen next month, Chrysler jumps into the mix with a new ad and slogan, ‘Imported from Gotham’. Partnering with Warner Bros. Pictures, Chrysler released a 30-second ad spot titled “imported from Gotham City” in place of the traditional “Imported from Detroit” slogan.

The new ad spot features the Chrysler 300S, revealing a dark customized exterior and modifications fitting for Gotham City (you can’t get the flames on the real car). Of course we don’t think Batman would choose a new Chrysler 300S as his choice of transportation. After-all, we caught Catwoman behind the wheel of a new Lamborghini Aventador in the latest movie trailer (posted below).

The commercial is set to air this evening on the NBC network. Be sure to check out ‘Dark Knight Rises’ opening in theaters on July 20th.


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